Arcanine (Gijinka), Kenneth Pound

22 (♎ 10/9/1991), male

Tennant Creek, Australia or

Pewter City, Kanto

Brave nature


indifferent, patient, thickheaded, forgetfull

forgets people often, will remember those he cares for

the little moral compass he has means he will not make a meal out of familiar faces

a literal wild pokemon that hunts and kills for food, lives in caves or trees from day to day

owned by Thai

15th April 2014

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15th April 2014

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[Olivia pouts, and she yanks at his hair. Then she continues to run her tiny fingers through his hair and tie it into a pony tail,] If I don’t get my pears then.. You don’t get hair. 

Oh! Oh! [She bounces,] Smoothies? What about salads? Or — OO, watermelon?? Or or or — I want — Grapes and watermelon. Do you have watermelon? Or mac and chees. I’m really hungry, Aiden. 

Where’s Liam? And Ethan? I hope Logan brings something good back. Like, cake, does he bring back cakes sometimes? 



   HE FROWNS LOUDLY, wow olivia

Kind of an unfair trade, thanks, I need my hair

   He grunts as she bounces, a little surprised by the extra kick. 

JeEZ slow down if you want something help me look for it??

   He opens the fridge, oh look, a wrapped up smoothie. He pulls it out and holds it up for her

I don’t know what kind it is, uhm, do you wanna try it?

   He looks through the rest, shrugging

If not, I could make you a salad. I know we have.. vegetables of some sorts. And mac and cheese. 

But you have to pick one though, because I don’t want to get out all this food and have you eat at most half of it

Liam and Ethan are.. somewhere?? And yes, Logan sometimes brings back cake.

You ask a lot of questions when you’re tiny.

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14th April 2014

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[Wiggling her legs, she stretches them out and kicks them back and fourth, careful not to actually kick Aiden,] Why would you do that, Aiden? I thought we were family. Don’t squish me like a bug. I’m a baby again. 

[Carefully unwrapping her arms from around his neck, she undoes her pony tail,] Please don’t drop me, if you drop me I might have to destroy your kneecaps, Aiden. 

Do you have any pears? I really want some pears. Where’s everybody else? [She begins to put his hair up into a pony tail,] 



   He whispers

Survival of the fittest..

Destroy my kneecaps and you won’t get pears.

I don’t know if we have any, though. Logan buys the fruit. He makes smoothies I think??

   He starts shuffling through some drawers and cabinets

If we don’t have any you can make him take you to the market for some.

He should be getting back from that job at some cake shop soon enough?

You better be making my hair look gorgeous, I swear

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14th April 2014

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Uh, well, no. 

[She begins to play with the oversized shirt she has on,] I think. Well. This is going to sound odd, but I think I’m like, 10 again. Or something. I’m not sure —

[Olivia reaches up, and grabs onto his pants, and she hoists herself up. Then she begins to climb up him, and onto his back. Olivia huffs, and wraps her arms around his neck and rests her chin on his shoulder,] 

I’m hungry, Aiden. 



  He wiggles around as she climbs on him ok iTS BEEN a whiLE

eUH one of these days you’re going to be crawling on me and I’ll just throw myself onto the floor and see what happens,

   But as she settles in, he makes a face

I didn’t know the ability to make food came with being taller

   He moves his arms under her legs and hoists up to get a better grip, smiling

Just kidding

I think we have some fruit lying around if you want it??

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14th April 2014

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lebellereve asked: @aiden, excuse me sir would you like to buy some girl guide cookies -- bebe olivia


   Initially, he looks around; where did that voice come from?

   Then he looks down. Oh,

Oh my God, you shrunk,

Did someone step on you?

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14th April 2014

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I’ll forgive you if you…*thinks for a second because she didnt mean to make him feel bad oops*
OKAY if you..tell me what I smell like?
I mean I prolly smell like lotion or something *small laugh*

AH but really…it’s good to see you! *clasp hands together*

Lotion.. ?

   He looks back up, still a bit pink, and tilts his head.

That’s the.. smooth stuff that smells like plants, right?

   He looks confused, but then shakes his head.

Yeah, you do smell like flowers a lot.. And ashes, and sugar?

Bug types.. usually smell like earth or sweets, for some reason…

Fire types..

     He offers a small shrug

Like somethin’ involvin’ fire.

Y’smell clean mostly, though. Clean people smell nice..

   Another small smile

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14th April 2014

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look at these leetle beebees 

we did it kids :” ) 

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14th April 2014

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-begins to tear up like a huge baby-





ARE YOU IMMORTAL????????????

Quit ya whinin’, she ain’t even here

   He laughs a bit, leaving him behind

And for ya information, I can be killed

What’a hell’s ‘immortal’ mean though?

   He shakes his head.

Merry’s been me pal since before we was big. She ain’t gettin’ nothin’ outta kill’n me.

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14th April 2014

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OH You forgot my name? *small frown*
You sure didn’t care for personal space though hmm

but yes; lotus. Like the flower! *laughs*
AH I’m alittle hurt you forgot but I forgive you

   He flushes deep red, immediately hiking his shawl up higher around his head in embarrassment

No, I, uhm, I—I didn’t mean to, I—

I.. I only really ‘member someone by their smell, not.. the’name.. So…

   He focuses his gaze to the ground, pulling his shawl up higher, as if an ashamed bad dog

'M sorry

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14th April 2014

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AH It’s okay! It surprised me..
I’m glad your doing good! Hmm besides that gash on your forehead..*squints closer because wow shitty eye problems*

Hmm you should be more careful. OHH Actually I’m doing great..AH like I got to see alot of people who I haven’t..see in a really long time
*little embarrassed* it’s really nice hah

   He runs his fingers over it, shaking his head

—Oh, ‘s nothin’.. Ran into a tree.

.. Then the ground. 

   A moment’s pause, and he shrugs awkwardly.

But ‘m.. glad for you. Glad to see you. 

   Did he remember right?

.. Lotus, right?

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