Arcanine (Gijinka), Kenneth Pound

22 (♎ 10/9/1991), male

Tennant Creek, Australia or

Pewter City, Kanto

Brave nature


indifferent, patient, thickheaded, forgetfull

forgets people often, will remember those he cares for

the little moral compass he has means he will not make a meal out of familiar faces

a literal wild pokemon that hunts and kills for food, lives in caves or trees from day to day

owned by Thai

21st July 2014

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irrelevant scribble of ken yawning 8’)

Tagged: oockennethi like the cat yawns where they just open their mouths then their lips draw back and its like WHOA TEETHall of kens sharp teethyeah... yeah

21st July 2014

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IM LITERALLYJUST HALF AN HOUR LATE UGH.. the matthews family is timeless tho so B) HAPY BIRTHDay NIckEY

IM LITERALLYJUST HALF AN HOUR LATE UGH.. the matthews family is timeless tho so B) HAPY BIRTHDay NIckEY

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20th July 2014

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Cassidy looked to the other nervously, but when he spoke and complimented her on her pictures she blushed even more, pushing up her glasses a little and tugging on her beanie. WOW COOL A COMPLETE STRANGER LIKED HER PHOTOS! She smiled a little bit more, trying not to be too excited, her cheeks still red. 

" Th-Thanks! Um…I’m not really into much else…except maybe video games and such…but I can’t make a career out of going to the arcade all the time!" 

She beamed a little bit more as she took back her camera, ” Photography is everything…one day I hope to be good enough to take photos for like…National Geographic or something….” Oh? Piano? Her eyes lit up almost instantly. 

" I LOVE THE PIANO! IM NO GOOD AT IT BUT—-" calm down Cassidy you’re going to give the poor man a heart attack! She blushed harder, but still bounced with excitement. " But thats really neat! I love the piano! I’ve never been good at it but its my favorite instrument to listen too!" 


   He blushes bright red himself, smiling wide

R-Really?? That’s—Uh, that’s good!

I guess I’m pretty okay at it—Nothing spectacular, I guess

   He feels humble and runs a hand through his hair

Your pictures, though, those are really something. I think you have great potential!

   He beams at her.

And if.. if you’d like, you could stop by sometime to show me your pictures, and I can play for you. If that’s—If you’d like. My little brother likes to bake, actually, so maybe you could come clear out whatever sweets he has left over..

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20th July 2014

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((the sadder thing is even if she went back to her apartment to see if ken was either there or left her something signaling he was ok or waht not they might miss each other and wow sad. how even are they going ot meet up again ))

[ on a more upbeat note tho imagine he DOES hang around the apartment to see if she comes back and literally scares off everyone that tries to look at it and buy it bc who will go in a room w a wild 7ft lion dog. not me.

no but UGH i dont know 8”( the best thing ican think of is that he is a dog and actually relies on his sense of smell a lot so he could probably. sniff her out. i duNNO LMhfs ]

Tagged: i mean even if it has been like a certain period of time its just like ]the ideas hit him all of a sudden bc hes just that slow ]smh ]ooc

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20th July 2014

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[She smiled a little bit more, though when he said he’d love to see a picture she blushed, looking at her camera a little bit] 

Oh well…I have a few..I just went to the beach a few days ago… 

[she shyly handed him her camera, always nervous to show others her pictures and what not. She shook her head a little bit and just smiled more] 

I take pictures of everything! I try at camera always goes with me so theres a lot that I take pictures of! 

   He tenses a bit with the camera in his hand; it was one of those new, complicated ones, huh? He wasn’t even thirty and he was already falling behind technologically—

   He clears his throat and, after a bit of gently fumbling around, manages to turn it on! Wow! Maybe he could learn something yet. A moment or so more, though, and he manages to find the gallery button, managing a small smile.

   He flips through them, smiling more as he looks

Wow, these are all really nice? I’m impressed. Looks like something you’d see in a fancy cruise brochure!

   He laughs, handing the camera back to her

That’s a pretty neat hobby. Something you can take anywhere. 

   He gives a small sigh

I should take up something like that—something portable. You can’t wheel a grand piano around everywhere you go!

   And he laughs again

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20th July 2014

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bbbbbbbb baby ken :’( I suppose kenny now knows how bailey felt when she didnt know when she’d see him next?? aaaa its so sad ))


i mean he doesn’t really have as much to worry about bc…  obv bailey doesn’t fight for survival every day and w/ the little note she would’ve left him after moving he would at least know she didn’t just UP AND DISAPPEAR and be freaked out over that?

he’s simple enough to be reassured by her little note it’s just he’s still aWFULLY LONELY but cna’t do anything about it laughs and. cries. ]

Tagged: gimmikissOOCSORRy ken is a dumb dog ]tbdits like leaving a dog at home ot go to the store x1000 ]

19th July 2014

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.. Know Bailey’s not gone forever ‘r nothin’.. just don’t know where she’s gone off to

   He grumbles and crosses his arms, frowning

Don’t know where to look either..

Tagged: kennethNeed a.. person w' a map or somethin'...'S a word for thatAin't there?Ugh[ i needed a post w his thoughts but it wasnt big enough to make a fancy plot-esque post out of so ][ ignore this i guess 8') ]

19th July 2014

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[Smiles brightly] yes! I love the water…and clear water is the best for taking pictures of the sea life! [Holds up her camera and smiles even more]

Oh, really?

   He smiles wide

That sounds pretty neat! I like fish—

   Even if the only time he sees them is on his plate or right before he eats them in the water—

—So I’d love to see a picture sometime!

Do you take pictures of fish and water for a living or..?

   He chuckles a bit again

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19th July 2014

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   he lets out a big yawn, situated nicely on the roof of some building. why is he up there.

… Whadda all these people do t’kill time.. ?

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19th July 2014

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Wherever you make sure the water is gorgeous! -Cassidy


   He chuckles, rubbing at one eye before brushing his hair back

Yeah, that’d probably be best, huh?

   He smiles at her

You like swimmin’?

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