Arcanine (Gijinka), Kenneth Pound

22 (♎ 10/9/1991), male

Tennant Creek, Australia or

Pewter City, Kanto

Brave nature


indifferent, patient, thickheaded, forgetfull

forgets people often, will remember those he cares for

the little moral compass he has means he will not make a meal out of familiar faces

a literal wild pokemon that hunts and kills for food, lives in caves or trees from day to day

owned by Thai

27th August 2014

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19th August 2014

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I feel like I have to take a long, hot shower. Ew

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19th August 2014

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[Taken back, and shocked to hear her reply, he finds himself even more lost, and confused — Had this woman been reading his mind? His eyes glanced to the woman, and brushed over her appearance. He didn’t expect her to be a psychic type, but he was unsure if that had been good or bad for him.

But why had she chosen to hear his thoughts as opposed to anyone else in this building? Or — Maybe he was the only one that had obnoxiously annoying thoughts. At this point, he questioned why he still was thinking privately in his head, since, it had been obvious that she listened to all his thoughts. He looked to her, and gave her a shrug.] Uh, I.. I see, I’m sure you can hear, what I was thinking, but um, I’m sorry that.. Or if my thoughts are, like, annoying or some shit. I guess I never really expected anyone to listen to them, and uh, you should probably just not.. Care because I’m fine, heh, [Claude had to attempt to avoid carrying on with the rest of his sentence in his mind, since he wasn’t sure how her mind reading worked.]

Uh, yeah, but um, thanks anyways. I guess it means a lot that you were willing to take time to send some gifts my way? I’m just a simple frog, miss. [Again, he looks down to the box filled with sweets to — Well, avoid her callous stare. Now that he’d been assured that nothing lethal coated the muffins, and that Tsaqua had been a psychic type, he felt a little more at ease. Glancing up, he forces himself to smile.] It’s, uhh, nice to meet you? Heh, um.. Claude is my real name and Dracon is a nickname. I’d prefer.. Dracon opposed to Claude though,



   She rolls her eyes

You aren’t the most annoying, so, whatever

Or, well

   She huffs, crossing her arms.

Just hearing people is annoying. Don’t take it personally..

Whatever. No. I don’t care. I just gave you the muffin to help cheer you up.. Because..

   She hardly gives it enough thought before she changes the subject.

Whatever! Just enjoy the damn muffin. If I keep hearing you moping around I’m probably going to come back. Dracon.

   She frowns at him, though it’s more a look of determination than anger. Angry determination, perhaps.

   The moment hangs, and she awkwardly clears her throat, tapping her foot.

So.. yeah. Whatever..


   Another beat passes, and she hesitantly turns on her heels and marches off.

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17th August 2014

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No nonononono no!! [Gently swats at Merry’s face with a frown]
What are you doing? Why would you EAT it? That was such a beautiful flower…..Who are you? Why are you here? Where did you come from? What are you? More importantly, why did you eat the damned flower?? And why did you have to eat the flower I was looking at??

[squints at her before snapping the stem on the rose and pulling it away from her face]


Ooooh you ask a lot’a questions!!

   She scoops the last few strays petals on her face into her mouth.

Don’ be so fussy, mister! There’s lot’a flowers on the ground! I would know! I eat ‘em!

   She wipes her mouth, smiling big

Don’t’cha eat plants??? Y’can’t eat meat all th’time! … Can you?

   She shakes her head

That flower looked yummy, duh! And I wanted to say hi!

What betta way to get t’know a person than over dinner????

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17th August 2014

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[Flinches at seeing Merry so suDDENLY like when the heck did this girl GET HERE??? But here she was, ms america. He glances away and then back to her to see if she was still there lookin at him. Yup. He awkwardly pats down the front of his jacket then clears his throat]

Ah, hello feral woman…….?



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16th August 2014

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[Hums cheerfully and examines the petals]

Hm Hm, charming

   is suddenly here

   hello how did she get there no1 knows. she just stares up at him for a little bit.

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13th August 2014

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[..Waiting for a reply or a reaction, the reaction that followed caught Claude off guard. Taking a step back, he notices how tense and aggressive she became, thus making him feel a little uneasy and uncomfortable. The woman’s body and stare were enough to stab him with daggers if they could, she looked malicious and enraged. When her hands jut forward, holding the box, he twitches.

Confused and bewildered himself, it takes him a minute to recollect himself, and his thoughts. The woman in front of him, although giving him a treat, acted so violent and harsh. The pieces didn’t fall into place, and it make him nervous about the “gift”. Nonetheless, he reaches out, cautiously and carefully, to grab the box. Gazing down at the box, it had been slightly crinkled due to Tsaqua’s death grip. Tempted to peel the box open, it filled him with a slight fear. Due to her harsh actions, it made Claude think that the package was like — a bomb or like, poisonous muffins. Although, poison wouldn’t necessarily affect him.. Would that like, fuel him? A poison type eating poison left him with many questions that had to be asked later.

..Shaking his head, he looks back up to the Gothitelle, and lets out a forced snicker,] Um, Oh wow, thanks, lady.. I love blueberry muffins. I haven’t, um, had one in forever though.. Uh.. [Claude wanted to slip into the apartment to set the muffins down, but he also didn’t want to leave the lady standing awkwardly out in the apartment hallway. A sigh escapes him, and he listens to the woman talk about his skinny body. Holding the box with one hand, he looks to himself and presses his hand to his chest and slides it down. It was true, he was rather emaciated.. There had been days where he’d forget to eat or eat little to nothing. But that made him think — Has this lady seen him before? Have they met? Claude honestly couldn’t recall seeing her face..

..Buhh.. Thanks for the muffins, I’ll be sure to, uh, visit at a later time. [Forcing a smile, he shrugs. Although he said he would, he really didn’t have the money to buy pasties. But then again, he was running to buy cold treats. But those were vital — Especially to Natalie since. Well, she was boiling and laying on the floor suffering in the heat. Pastries could wait until winter or something.]


God, I’m not going to attack you or something, calm down.

  She frowns, crossing her arms, but she quickly realizes how harsh it seemed. Her eyes slowly drift off to the side. An awkward pause hangs.

..Uhm. Sorry.

No, we haven’t met.

I just hear you a lot when I walk home.


   She points to her head and rolls her eyes again.

Mind reading shit why am I explaining whatever

You don’t have to come buy something just say hi or whatever and let me know you aren’t laying on your floor sad or stuff.

Go just

   She starts waving her hands 

Go put that stupid thing up and go get your ice cream I didn’t mean to bother you

I was trying to leave the box on the ground as some random dumb act of kindness

   She suddenly grimaces why the fuck was she being nice ew

   She shakes her head and rubs a temple

My name is Tsaqua.

Do I call you Claude or Dracon? I’m hearing both and it’s really confusing.

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13th August 2014

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[.. The day had been a humid and sluggish one. It was impossible to find a spot in the apartment where the heat wouldn’t get to him. Anywhere he lay or lazed around, he always found himself uncomfortable and sweaty. Now that the sun was setting, the air outside would cool down. Or so, he hoped, really. Slipping on a loose sleeveless shirt, he honestly wasn’t a fan of showing off skin. Not to mention some scars, wounds and bruises that sometimes stuck out on his pale exterior, made him look like he was shooting up or something..

Letting out a soft exhale, it couldn’t be helped. If he slipped on a longer shirt or a sweater, the frog would cook to death. Adjusting the wristband and the other bracelets that covered his left wrist, it’d have to do. Well — It’s not like anyone would really pay attention to him anyways. Slipping his wallet into his back pocket, he planned on slipping to the convenience store at the end of the block to grab some cold goodies for himself and the Noot. Slushies, popsicles, icecream.. He’d wondered if they would melt by the time he got back.

Then he wondered — Natalie liked slushies, so would she like cold things? Of course she would, she’s ate icecream and milkshakes before, they wouldn’t affect her — Being a fire type. Fire types were weird, in this weather, how did she not combust into flames? .. Thinking about it, Fire types were fuckin’ weird. But then again, he had all sorts of poisonous toxins flow within him. Life was just weird in general.

Shrugging, Claude reaches for the door handle, and he pushes the door open. Taking a step out of the apartment, he’s faced with a woman holding a box. Surprised by the unexpected encounter, he doubles back and presses his back against the door frame.] Oh, uh, shit, um, sorry miss. I totally didn’t expect someone to be there — Excuse me, [Slipping away from the apartment and door, he steps back.

..He’d wondered if the woman was simple passing by of or she had something to deliver to himself or Natalie? The woman didn’t look familiar to him, and he didn’t expect Natalie to know her either.. But Maybe she did,] Um, did you, uh, need something from me..? — Or my roommate, Natalie..? [Offering a sheepish smile to the lady, he keeps his back pressed against the wall. Claude didn’t necessarily feel like socializing.]


   OH shit fucking frog fucking sneaky ass ninja shit piece of dick—Her whole body is seized in a visible, violet twitch of surprise. Fucking shit, she’d been so stupidly preoccupied with fucking placing the damn box she hadn’t even paid attention to listening for him to come out the door. Motherfucking bag of dicks.

   Her stance was less than friendly from her start, and her expression matched, probably disgusted and bewildered that someone managed to surprise her—but she quickly slides into neutrality, swallowing hard as she recollects herself. She doesn’t realize her eyes are still burning with intensity as they stare back at him.

   She turns her head down to the box. Her hands had clenched, leaving the top crinkled and messing up the shape. She feels irritation boil in her head, but she just sighs inaudibly. The dumb muffin was probably fine anyway. She peers back up at him, jaw set in frustration until she just lets it all go and rolls her eyes. She visibly sags her posture and shoves the box out, holding it impatiently.


   A beat passes quietly, and she awkwardly continues

'Sa fuckin' muffin. Blueberry. 

Eat it. You’re skinny as fuck.

   She regards his body type with genuine surprise.

How are you even alive..

Whatever just

You want more you go to the stupid cake shop down the street. I work there. I made this for you. Since you were all bummed out and shit. Don’t be so bummed out and.. shit. 

   She wiggles the box at him.

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10th August 2014

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This makes me extremely content.

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7th August 2014


Who wants to go shopping with me

And by shopping with me I mean buy things for me

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